RHS boy’s varsity tennis wins Northpointe Christian Mustang Quad

Coming away with a great overall team win

This was another of several “Quad Tournaments” that the Rams have competed in this season, with four varsity teams participating in match play throughout the day. With four schools in the tourney, each singles player and doubles team plays three matches against opponents from the other three schools throughout a very long day of competitive tennis. Playing three matches in a single day can be tough both physically and mentally. All of the players on each team must come into the tourney with a laser type focus on playing each game, set and match with the same type of intensity, all day long.

Participating in this tournament were varsity tennis teams from Grand Rapids Catholic, Muskegon Catholic, and Northpointe Christian High Schools. All of these teams came into the tourney ready to compete with each respective team and battle it out for the tournament championship.

As the day wore on, each player and coach for the Rockford varsity team stayed on top of their games, determined to stay focused. When the matches were finally completed at the end of an exhausting day, the Rams varsity team came out number one on the day!

The Rams singles play for the day was once again strong with impressive match wins by team members Tyler Kowalk, Ryan Korlewitz, Luke Van Fleet and Mark Vietengruber (#1, #2, #3 & #4 singles, respectively). Each one of these guys kept that focus and competitive edge throughout the day to score impressive wins against some tough competition. Vietengruber & Van Fleet went undefeated in their 3 matches, finishing as “Flight Champions” at the #3 and #4 singles positions. Kowalk & Korlewitz also scored key points on the day by finishing runner up to the champion in the #1 and #2 flight positions.

Equally as strong were the doubles teams of, Cade VanRooyen & Thomas Hall, Sam Dater & Gregg Witt, Zak Riebschleger & Ken Smith and John Macgregor & John D’Amore (#1, #2, #3 & #4 doubles, respectively)

The Rams doubles pairs also kept up the intensity and focus throughout the day that is vital for a complete day of tournament play. All of the doubles teams played hard in their three matches on the day and came up with key wins in this tournament to score vital points and seal the overall team tournament victory. The doubles teams (VanRooyen\Hall, Dater\Witt, Smith\Riebschleger &Macgregor\D’Amore) all went undefeated on the day, sweeping the competition as “Flight Champions” in their respective flights.

Overall a great day for the Rams on the courts at NPC and great team win for the RHS varsity Netters!

The week of October 1, the Rockford High School boys varsity tennis team will be working hard to prepare for the OK Red Conference tournament that takes place at Grandville High School on Saturday, October 6. The tournament competition in the always strong OK Red Conference will be tough and the Rams will be ready to battle it out for the conference title

Stay tuned for more RHS Boys Varsity Tennis news here as the season progresses.


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