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Our fundraising auction is over! The positive three-day event proved once again that our area cares about making a difference in our history by supporting projects that benefit our community and its people.

Over three hundred and fifty items were donated by individuals, families and businesses and about ninety five percent of them were sold. One hundred of the donations were put on line and bidding on those ended Thursday, September 27. As is true sometimes in auctions, lots of bidders got good bargains, but that happens. The final tally is not done yet but approximately two thousand dollars was received from the on line part.

On Friday evening the silent portion began with about two hundred bidding opportunities. On Saturday morning the silent part continued with much activity. Closing of parts of the silent auction began at 12:30 with all tables closed by 2 p.m. We did not keep a count on the number who came to view and bid during the two days but there were many especially on Saturday. Our live auction began Saturday afternoon about 2:45 p.m. and concluded near 4:30 p.m. Fifty plus individual items were available with about seventy people in the audience.

Many silent auction bidding participants did have some competition, and people kept coming back to check their bids. Some bidders were pretty clever and perhaps could be accused of loitering. Friendly competition existed. Many times in the live auction two or three bidders would battle to win an item. It appears that the bidders in the silent and live auctions combined to spend around eight thousand dollars making for about a ten thousand dollar weekend. When everything is finalized, I will give readers exact amounts. Most of our auction expenses have been covered through money or item donations from businesses which helps greatly. They are all mentioned in our full page advertisement in last week’s Rockford Squire.

Since this was our first auction venture, we learned a lot. We made some mistakes but not a lot. We found that when we asked for help, there were many who were more than willing to join the cause. Volunteers helped in so many ways, and many mentioned the fun that they had. Some workers were very busy with in their own daily lives and in their businesses, but they still found time to help us. Because of all those people, we had a successful weekend.

Without naming names I want to THANK all of you great helpers. You know who you are, and you know how important your actions have been. I saw a lot of fellowship this past weekend, and I saw a lot of activity in a location that has been pretty dormant for a while. The museum movement is alive because of all of you. Take time out to feel a little “Rockford Area Pride” and then let’s continue to work.


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