Letter to the Editor

Resident wants more answers about fracking

Dear Editor,

Like most of my neighbors, I love living in the Rockford area. That’s why I’m nervous about the announcement that hydro-frack mining companies are seeking to lease land in West Michigan. Mineral rights to state land will be auctioned, including the Cannonsburg State Game Area and the White Pine Trail. The auction is set for Oct. 24.

Hydro-fracking for natural gas goes sideways underground, so they’re seeking property owners nearby for leases as well. Most of us don’t fully understand mineral rights, and it’s recommended that those considering should consult an attorney. In a nutshell, chemicals are added to several million gallons of water per well, which is injected to the shale layer with explosive force, causing cracks to release the natural gas. I’ve heard it is destined for Asia, since the price is currently low here. Methane, a greenhouse-gas, is often also released. It’s typical to have several wells together, creating an industrial site with a lot of drilling noise and truck traffic. Neighborhoods change. Maybe it’s all just fine. Personally, I’d like to see the bills in the Michigan House pass, which ask for more time. As it is now, the fracking companies have been given an exemption from the State’s water withdrawal limits, and the Clean Water Act. I don’t understand why. I think Michigan and its unique geography of fresh water deserve more respect.

There’s a meeting at the Cannon Township Hall on Thursday, Oct. 18, at 6 p.m. Let’s ask questions while we have the chance.

Georgia Donovan


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