Letter to the editor

We had a sewer backup in April 2012 and the City of Rockford was great through the whole thing.  Attached is the letter sent to the city and was wondering if you could put this in the Squire to show all the residents what a great City we live in!


Dear Michael Young, Staff and City Counsel Members,

Back on April 17, 2012, we experienced a tragic event where the city sewer had backed up into our basement. We had lost most of our personal belongings that were accumulated over the past 15 years. We have lived in the City of Rockford since we first married in 1997.

By the afternoon of the backup we had gone through many emotional ups and downs. At around 5:00 pm we received a phone call from Michael Young apologizing on behalf of the city for the issue. He went on to emphasize that “we would be made whole” due to the damage of the backup.

Over the next three months Michael would keep in contact with us. All through the rebuilding process and dealing with the city’s insurance, Michael continued to assure us that the city will take care of us.

It is nice to see in this day and age that “doing what is right” is still held to some in high regard. Michael always said to us, “the city takes pride in taking care of their residents.” We applaud Michael and the City of Rockford for this stance. You followed through with everything and we are very grateful.

We are truly thankful and very proud to say we live in the City of Rockford!



Sam, Jennifer, Courtney and Emily Ritter



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