Bilardello running as write-in candidate for County Commissioner

I am running as a write-in candidate for County Commissioner, 4th District (Cannon, Vergennes, Oakfield, and Grattan Townships, and the city of Lowell).

You are probably wondering why am I declaring my write-in candidacy so close to the election.

Last week, I read an article that disturbed me. Then later, as my daughter was filling out her absentee ballot, she came to the County Commissioner section and asked what I knew about the candidates. I showed her the article and told her I was abstaining from voting for Kent County Commissioner. She said, “There’s a line right here. It looks like I can write someone in. Can I write in anyone I want? Because I’m going to put your name in here.” I laughed and told her that was fine, yes she could write in my name. My husband said he would vote for me too, and some friends said the same thing. So the next day, I stopped by the Kent County Elections office and submitted the paperwork.

I have a Finance degree from the University of Illinois. I have worked as an insurance claims adjuster after I graduated from college, as a paraprofessional in Rockford Public Schools, and am a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser. I enjoy running and follow politics closely because I want to leave a bright future full of opportunity for future generations.

There are so many times we see something we don’t like, and we look around and say, “Who’s going to stand up and say that this is not ok?” So I’m standing up. We need someone representing us in the 4th District that has a strong moral character. I am that candidate. Please vote for me! When you get to the section in your ballot for County Commissioner, Write in Michelle Bilardello (and fill in the little oval next to my name)!


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