Long-time gourmet, columnist, friend to the Rockford Squire will be missed


It is with great sadness that we publish the obituary of Jeanne Briggs, who for many years improved the Squire newspaper with her wit and her wonderful recipes. She was much more to our newspaper family than a columnist and was a great friend, always thinking of new features for the paper and helping out with advice and support. For quite a time Jeanne was on the Squire’s Board of Directors, where decisions about newspaper policy and ideas for the future of the publication were discussed and decided upon.

Jeanne was always a source of delight in her interaction with other members of the newspaper family. When our long-term graphic designer planned her wedding, Jeanne stepped right up, offering to graciously host her bachelorette party. Inviting friends into her home and kitchen was something Jeanne did often and superbly, and over the years she had the Squire staff in for holiday gatherings, special occasions, or just for fun.

The people who worked at the paper during the years Jeanne wrote her cooking column always looked forward to her visits to the office. She was universally loved and often brought in gifts of her delicious, creative cooking. Always laughing, always with a joke, people walking into the office were likely to hear her lovely laugh before they heard anything else.

She also had many wonderful and dear friends around town, and it is likely she never knew someone who didn’t love her. It is hard to think such a vibrant, cheerful and loving person is gone. The Squire newspaper, our staff join those who will miss Jeanne. We are all diminished by her loss.

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