Aubrey Shea Videtich signs a letter of intent with Texas A&M University

Aubrey Shea Videtich, of the Rockford High School class of 2013, signs her National Letter of Intent to join the equestrian team at Texas A&M University. She signed the letter in the presence of friends and family in the Rockford High School Rams Den on Wednesday, November 14.

Aubrey Shea Videtich, who will be among the Rockford High School graduating Class of 2013, signed a National Letter of Intent Wednesday, November 14 to ride for the equestrian team at Texas A&M University (TAMU).

TAMU has 11 national championships including being the current national champions

Videtich describes, “Collegiate riding is very different than regular showing because you are not on your own horse. Each school has its own set of horses and at each meet, riders are randomly assigned a horse. You get a four minute warm-up on the horse and then you ride a pattern. One rider from the other school rides the same pattern on the same horse and whichever of the two of you gets the higher score, earns a point for their team.”

Videtich has been riding since age five. She states, “I’ve wanted to ride horses for Texas A&M since kindergarten, and didn’t even know you could do it when I was that young. My horse is AJ. Sheas Soul Mate is his registered name, I’ve had him since he was born in 2002, a week before my birthday.

Aubrey Shea with her horse, A.J.

“I started with local shows and worked my way up to national level competition, most recently: The 2012: Michigan Quarter Horse Association High Point Novice Youth 14-18 All Around and Youth 14-18 All Around winner, Michigan Rookie of the Year and leading the nation for the Justin Rookie of the Year award. In 2011 Videtich was the American Buckskin Registry Association’s National Youth High Point, Buckskin Horse Association of Michigan Year End Youth High Point, Champion of Champions in both equitation and horsemanship at the Color Breed Congress in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Videtich’s success is all the more impressive as she had obstacles in her equestrian carreer. Videtich suffered a riding accident in July 2010, and was diagnosed with Post-Concussion Syndrome in Oct 2010. She lost nearly all short-term memory, attention span, taste, smell, sense of temperature, and had daily migraines. Her sleep pattern was interrupted to the extent that she was only sleeping one to two hours a night for about 9 months. Eventually she also lost her peripheral vision.

“I was an honors and AP student prior to the concussion,” said Videtich. “Rather than give up, I struggled through the classes studying 3x longer than it normally took me. My grades suffered and school was very difficult. The loud noises would trigger migraines. Even at the end of a trimester I couldn’t remember which class came next or what room it was in. I was fortunate to have a group of friends who took good care of me, helping me find my classes, etc. The kids in school that didn’t know what I was going through were quite cruel when I would get lost or get things mixed up.

“Since being diagnosed, I’ve gone through many therapies and doctors’ appointments. My memory and attention span have returned which has made school significantly easier. My grades are back to where they were before the accident. We have also been able to get me back on a regular sleep schedule and my migraines are down to about one every couple weeks. Loud noises will still trigger a migraine but not as quickly as before. I am also able to feel temperature now (no more getting burned by hot objects in chemistry class). My latest MRI shows no permanent brain damage, my peripheral vision has begun to come back, and the pediatric neurosurgeon who has been treating me believes I should make a full recovery, over time, including my taste and smell.” Congratulations to this very remarkable student on the great honor of being chosen to ride at a university level representing Texas A&M University.


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