Expansion of Video Monitoring Equipment in Rockford Public Schools

By Mike Cuneo,

Assistant Superintendent of Finance


As the original bond projects have reached completion, an assessment was done of the district’s ongoing needs in equipment and facilities.  Due to the economic conditions and timeliness of construction, many of the bond projects were completed under-budget and there are now bond monies available to reallocate to additional projects.  One of the stated RAMS VIII goals is to maximize emergency procedures in partnership with local law enforcement for purposes of student, staff and community safety as well as to explore efficiencies in technology.

In response to student safety and as a result of the district’s assessment, one of the projects highlighted was the need to update and expand the district’s video monitoring system (i.e. security cameras) throughout the district. The safety of students, staff and the community is a high priority of the Board of Education and Administration of Rockford Public Schools. Security cameras are an important tool that can be used by district security staff and building administrators as well as local law enforcement. The proposed project of updating the district’s video monitoring system was presented to and approved by the Board of Education in June 2012,

The first phase of the project will be a major expansion of cameras at the secondary level, specifically the high school, Freshman Center and middle school facilities. The new cameras will utilize the latest web-based technology, which will result in higher resolution and clarity of images. This technology will also allow the user more timely access and staff will be able to view and investigate events faster.

In the next phase, at least one camera will be located at the front entrances of each elementary building. Should additional funding become available, additional cameras will be located in specific areas of need as well.

Our students, staff and community are benefitting from new classrooms, computers, updated technology, new athletic fields, new buses and many other projects as a result of the support of the May 2008 bond issue.  Thank you for your continued support of Rockford Public Schools.

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