Rockford City Council elects new Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem


At Rockford’s November City Council meeting the first order of business was the swearing in of newly elected and/or reelected City Council members. Moving on, the Council then proceeded to elect a new Rockford Mayor and a new Mayor Pro Tem. These Council Mayoral elections occur every two years after a general election.

Rockford Mayor Brien Dews

The position of Mayor in Rockford is largely ceremonial and honorary as it is in cities that practice a City Council/City Manager form of governance. Throughout these terms Mayors represent their cities at various functions and preside over monthly City Council meetings as they (Council) formulate policy and legislation that charts the future course of the community. Rockford Council members volunteer their time and their talents and receive no compensation for their service to the community.

Newly re-elected to City Council, Brien Dews was honored by Council members

Rockford Mayor Pro Tem Jerry Coon

who unanimously elected him Rockford City Mayor. Council followed suit by also unanimously naming Jerry Coon as Mayor Pro Tem. Coon is entering the third year of his first four-year term.

Both gentlemen are actively involved in the Rockford community and prominent local businessmen. Dews is a certified clockmaker who owns and operates All Good Time Clock Service. He also is a principle partner in Rockford’s soon-to-be-opened Rockford Brewing Company.

Coon has been Rockford’s resident tax expert since 1978. An IRS enrolled agent, Coon has owned and operated Action Tax Service since 1989.

To quote Rockford City Manager Michael Young, “Both Dews and Coon are prime examples of the unselfish commitment of our citizens and business owners all working together to make Rockford one of the most desirable places to reside in the entire state.”

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