East Rockford Middle School November Students of the Month

6th Grade Student of the Month

Katelyn Kennedy

Earth Keepers Magnet

Katelyn is the daughter of Patrick and Christine. Her siblings are Brendan (grade 8) and Madalyn (grade 2). She also has a dog named Hope. Katelyn attended Crestwood Elementary. She is very active, playing flute in band and participating in gymnastics and Girls on Track. Katelyn’s favorite class is Language Arts with Mrs. Spencer. Her other favorites include shrimp, chicken wings, and The Hunger Games books. She hopes to become a teacher and would love to vacation in Hawaii. Katelyn admires her parents, who are always there for her. She is proud of being elected as the student council representative for her magnet.

6th Grade Student of the Month

Henry Erkfitz

Health Quest Magnet

Henry’s parents are Eric and Tammy. He has a sister in third grade named Adelaide and a variety of animals, including a dog, cat, and a fish. Henry attended Lakes Elementary. He participated in intramural cross country this fall. He also enjoys soccer, video games, and hanging out with friends. Henry’s favorites include Math with Mrs. Banfield, the color blue, a food that he simply calls “the favorite”, the Percy Jackson book series, and Grand Valley State University. He is considering a career as an architect and would love to vacation in Alaska. Henry admires his parents, who are loving and help others when they need it. He is proud to be recognized as Student of the Month.

7th Grade Student of the Month

Sidney Snedeker

Sidney’s parents are Jeffrey and Christine. Her siblings are Taylor, Madison, and Brendon. Sidney attended Meadow Ridge Elementary. She enjoys the after school program Girl Talk, bible study, reading, and participating in the Rockford LEO Club. Sidney’s favorite class is Language Arts with Mrs. Pomarius. Her other favorites include the color purple, pizza, the movie Megamind, Christian music, and the University of Michigan. She hopes to become a teacher and travel to Hawaii someday. Sidney admires her grandma, who is a cancer survivor and symbol of strength. She is proud of just being herself and not trying to be like anyone else.

7th Grade Student of the Month

Zachary Willison

Zachary is the son of Michael and Heidi. His siblings are Nicholas and Tyler. He also has two dogs named Bear and Legend. Zachary went to Parkside Elementary. He enjoys swim, water polo, and video games. His favorite class is Eastern Hemisphere with Mrs. Cavalli. Other favorites of Zachary’s are the color red, steak, Hunger Games books, hip hop music, and Johns Hopkins University. He would like to become an archeologist and considers Germany the vacation of his dreams. Zachary admires his brother, Nick, who is a good role model and nice person. Zachary is proud of his family because they are generous, caring, and really nice people.

8th Grade Student of the Month

Celena Cisco

Celena’s parents are Brad and Lori. Her siblings include Lilah, Annabelle, and Gabriel. She also has a dog named Mackinaw. Celena is new to East Rockford Middle School this year from Iowa and has already been recognized as an outstanding student. She enjoys playing basketball, playing percussion in the ERMS Band, and doing anything with music. Celena’s favorite class is Math with Mr. Hodgkinson, favorite color is purple, favorite food is nachos, and favorites books are The Hunger Games. She also enjoys country music and cheers for Michigan State University. She dreams of a vacation in London and she would like to become a teacher. Celena admires her parents, who are hard-working and always strive to get better. She is proud of the help she gives to her church and the way that she likes other people.

8th Grade Student of the Month

Dalan Morris

Dalan’s parents are Brian and Angela. His brothers are Ethan, age 16, and Christian, age 10. He also has a dog named Denae. Dalan attended elementary school in Midland before moving to East Rockford Middle School last year. At ERMS, he plays percussion in the band and participates on the swim team. He also enjoys playing string bass and piano. Dalan’s favorite classes are Science with Mr. Wylie and Band with Mrs. Kilgore. He also likes the color red, the book Inheritance, The Avengers movie, classic rock, and Michigan State University. Dalan admires his dad because “He’s awesome!” He is proud of the improvements that his family has made to their current home.

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