Couple moves to Rockford, thanks, in part, to the Rockford Squire

For Roger:

My Google News page found the Rockford Squire for the first time today when I entered my zip code.  Some years back, my best girl of 31 years was on the White Pine Trail during one of our regular visits—at which time she pronounced that she wanted to retire to Rockford when the time came.  Like any wise man, particularly one married to a child psychologist, my response was: “Yes dear”.  Some weeks later we began to receive the Squire at our home in Ann Arbor and shortly thereafter she related she had found a lot, on the river, near the dam, and within walking distance of downtown.  She began immediately becoming involved in the community, doing some correspondence work for the White Pine Trail group and I do believe writing a letter or two to the paper (so she claims).  The Squire even helped us pick out our church after reading a feature by Pastor Laurie.

Now I am not assigning any responsibility to Roger or the Squire for our being up here for the past few years—after all my wife grew up in the area and I routinely drove up to the furniture city from the University to teach continuing education courses for many years in the 70-80’s—but some degree of appreciation to the Squire is due.  People often look in amazement when they learn that we left Ann Arbor to come here.  I usually point out that what they have “here” is pretty darn good: peaceful, pleasant, polite people; one the whole.  And the Ann Arbor I fell in love with years back when in State tuition was $240 a semester and parking meters did not require credit cards, no longer exists.

So thanks Roger—for the unwitting guidance and subtle wit.  A safe Holiday to you and yours.

Skip and Becky Barcy

Rogue River Cottage

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