Rockford brews up another feather in its cap on Thanksgiving Eve


Talk about difficult, it was nigh unto impossible “to belly up to a bar” in Rockford Thanksgiving Eve evening.

It might have been the biggest thing to happen in Rockford since Wolverine invented shoes and Herman’s Boy invented coffee. Seriously though, what we are talking about here is an early keg release of six of Rockford Brewing Company’s (RBC) signature beers.

RBC partnered with six local “watering holes” in sponsoring a Thanksgiving Eve Pub Crawl, and what an evening it was. From 5 p.m. til close, patrons of the Corner Bar, Grill One Eleven, Reds on the River, Rockford Lanes, the Rogue River Tavern, and Sam’s Joint gave nothing but rave reviews for each of the newly released beers.

At each venue was but one of the six offered beers. In order to discover each style of beer, one had to visit each of the fine establishments. On tap was RBC’s White Pine Wheat – a Bavarian Wheat or Weissbier, O’Briens Red – an Irish Red Ale, Sheehan’s Irish Stout – a dry or Irish Stout, Carriage House Ale – an American Ale, Rogue River Brown – a Northern English Brown, and Hoplust IPA – an American IPA.

It was a win – win – win – win – win for everybody involved in Rockford on Thanksgiving Eve evening. Winners were; RBC in promoting the Grand Opening of their Public House on Dec. 20, craft beer lovers from all over West Michigan and beyond, the City of Rockford, each of the Pub Crawl venues many of which were newly discovered for the very first time, and all of the retail merchants that stayed open that evening and enjoyed the overflow bounty of RBC’s first Pub Crawl.

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