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Terry Konkle – President

Terry Konkle Photo by Cliff Hill
Terry Konkle Photo by Cliff Hill

The new museum project is currently nearing the end of the renovation part of our plans. The two main rooms, the hallway, the bathroom and the entryway and windows have seen a lot of work. To bring readers up to date, I am listing the areas that have been addressed and the current status of each one.

Rooftop Heating and Cooling Units – New units are done and working.

Electrical Updates and additions – All electrical work is done

New Insulation – Completed

Drywall of ceiling – Completed

New light fixtures – completed and working

New drop ceiling and ceiling tile – Mostly done

Walls fixed and skimmed – Completed

New windows – Completed

New Entry windows and doors – Completed

Breaking and removal of concrete risers – Completed

Concrete floor and removal of dirt for floor under risers – Completed

Removal of pipes that are sticking up from floor – Completed

Bathroom repairs and other work – Mostly completed

Painting of wall, doors and molding – Mostly completed

Carpeting of two main rooms – Will be done shortly

Roof repair – Completed

The carpet is ordered and ready to be installed when we are ready for it. When the carpeting is complete, we will be able to start the next phase which will be putting the exhibits in place. Some exhibits will need construction while others will not. Jerry Adams and his company, MEDIA RARE, have helped us over the last year and a half. The museum design is done and can be adapted if needed. Jerry Adams has shown great patience and understanding, as we have worked at raising the needed funding.

Our original plans called for about $320,000 to cover all that we wanted to do. We faced some opposition at first because many wondered whether we could raise much money at all. So far, our donations and pledges have reached the $270,000 level which is great. We have made some changes to our original estimates and have enough funding to pay for all of the renovation and get a good start on exhibits. We could still use further donations to put everything in place.

We have received tremendous support, but there still may be some out there who would like to join us in our cause. Donations or pledges can be sent to: Rockford Area Historical Society, P.O. Box 781, Rockford, MI 49341. Any questions can be addressed to me at 616-866-0530.

I will close by saying “WE ARE GOING TO HAVE A NEW MUSEUM” and all doubts are over. It will play a major role in our community now and in the future. The project has been exciting, and the cause worth the fight and effort. Thanks to all who have helped in some way, and I hope to hear from others who want to be part of this positive, history changing endeavor.

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