East Rockford Middle School Students of the Month

AriannaHyink6th Grade Student of the Month

Arianna Hyink

Structures Magnet

Arianna is the daughter of John and Lori. She has a brother, named Caden, in third grade and two dogs, named Bella and Bubba. Ari attended Meadow Ridge Elementary. She plays flute in the band at ERMS and also enjoys dance and playing volleyball. She could not choose a favorite class because she likes them all. Arianna did name several other favorites, however, including the color orange, pizza, chicken alfredo, author Margaret Haddix, pop music and University of Michigan. She would love to vacation in The Bahamas. Ari admires her family because they help her with everything and her friends, who are always there for her. She is proud of being recognized as Student of the Month.


AnthonyDunbar6th Grade Student of the Month

Anthony Dunbar

Fine Arts Magnet

Anthony’s parents are John and Noel. He has three sisters, Virginia, Serena, and Liliana. Anthony attended Meadow Ridge Elementary. He enjoys going to Craig’s Cruisers and playing video games and basketball. His favorite class is time with the Fine Arts Magnet and teachers Mrs. Ripley and Curtis. Anthony also enjoys the color purple, buffalo wings, the book Zombie Survival Guide, music by System of a Down, and Michigan State. He would love to travel to California and would like a career in video game technology and support. Anthony admires his dad, who works very hard and always finds time to hang out with the family and he is proud of earning first place in the DARE essay contest.

AshleyVriesenga7th Grade Student of the Month

Ashley Vriesenga

Ashley’s parents are Todd and Tina. Her siblings are fifth-grader, Emily, and four-year-old, Tyler. She also has a cat named Yoshi and a dog named Ella. Ashley attended Cannonsburg Elementary. She enjoys playing volleyball, basketball, and soccer. When asked to share her favorite class, she simply responded, “I love them all.” Ashley’s favorites include the color purple, steak, rice, crab, the book The Sisters Grimm, and Michigan State. Her dream vacation would be a trip to Hawaii. Ashley admires Allyssa DeHaan, former MSU basketball player, because she was a great teammate. She is most proud of her hard work to play basketball.




HunterDenman7th Grade Student of the Month

Hunter Denman

Hunter is the son of Kirt and Kari. Their family also has a dog named Bella. Hunter attended Lakes Elementary. He enjoys lacrosse, snowboarding, hip hop and rap music, and cheering for North Carolina. His favorite class is Language Arts with Mrs. Pomarius. Hunter’s dream vacation would be snowboarding in the mountains of the western United States. He would like a career as a doctor. Hunter admires his parents, who support him in everything he does and give him a boost when he needs it. He is proud of earning good grades and making the state travel team for lacrosse.


AlyssaKruizenga8th Grade Student of the Month

Alyssa Kruizenga

Alyssa is the daughter of Glenn and Jennifer. She has a sister in the sixth grade at ERMS named Arianna and she also has a dog named Sampson. Alyssa attended Meadow Ridge Elementary. She enjoys volleyball, dance, softball, the color blue, the Hunger Games books, and University of Michigan. Alyssa would love to travel to Paris and hopes for a career as a teacher or orthodontist. Alyssa admires her parents. Her mom does everything for Alyssa and her sister and her dad helps her with sports and math. She is proud of earning good grades.

RyanHarrell8th Grade Student of the Month

Ryan Harrell

Ryan’s parents are Peter and Tamra. He has two older sisters, Mikaela and Samantha, as well as a cat named Cubby. Ryan attended Crestwood Elementary. He enjoys drawing and creating computer animations. His favorites include Art with Mrs. Appleby, Math with Mr. Hodgkinson, the color teal, macaroni and cheese, the Percy Jackson book series, Christian rock music, and Cornerstone University. Ryan hopes for a career in computer programming and would love to travel to Australia. Ryan admires his dad, who is a good role model and works hard. He is proud that his design was used for the yearbook cover in elementary school and that he won a prize in the art show.



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