To the Citizens of Cannon Township

It is important to me that the facts are correct regarding Tim Nelson’s (Cannon Township Trustee) letter “Cannon Twp. Faces important zoning issues” of February 7, 2013 in The Rockford Squire.

It is my opinion that the facts should be correct, especially from an elected official. I did attend the January 14, 2013 Cannon Township Board meeting when this was subject was discussed by the Board of Trustee’s of Cannon Township.

This subject was brought up to inform the Board on what was going on with three forclosed properties and seeing if the Board of Cannon Township had sufficient interest in looking at the subject before it went to the Planning Commission for their recommendation. It was made very clear by Mr. Grimm (Cannon Township Supervisor), that all this subject was about was to get a general feeling of the Cannon Township Board before it was reviewed by the Cannon Township Planning Commission.

The 1st item that should be clarified is Mr. Nelsons statement “I voted NO on a proposal by Pendulum Real Estate Group to ammend our zoning for Settlers Grove and Hidden Canyon Developments in Cannon Township”.

The truth is Mr. Nelson Voted “YES Twice” at the Board Meeting on this Subject. Mr. Nelson should stick to verifiable facts, instead of grand standing for political reasons.

The 2nd item that should be clarified is Mr. Nelson’s statement “Changing the zoning for a lot in a township on a case by case basis is fine”.

This statement gives the impression that this is a practice of Cannon Township. I asked Mr. Grimm (the Cannon Township Supervisor) if this is a policy or ordinance of Cannon Township and Mr. Grimm stated, no it is not a policy or ordinance of Cannon Township. The reason I am clarifying this is for the residents of Cannon Township, so they may know there is no such policy or ordinance in place at this time.

The 3rd item that should be clarified is Mr. Nelson’s statements “add more profit to a developer and give a developer more profit”. In order to make sure I was correct about this subject, I verified with Mrs. Blackledge (the Cannon Township Clerk), who administers the Oath of Office for the elected people of Cannon Township, if anywere in the Oath of Office is it a duty of the Trustee’s to control the profit of a private business. Mrs. Blackledge stated it is not in the Oath of Office. To me, a firm believer in smaller government, this sounds more like our current President of the United States and his party’s policies than any Republican politician that Mr. Nelson professed to be when he ran for office this last summer.

Please refer to the Minutes of the Cannon Township Board Meeting from January 14, 2013, to verify the facts: www.cannontwp.org/egov/docs/1360361744_9277.pdf.

To keep informed on what is going on inside of Cannon Township; “Sign Up for Email Alerts”. This can be located on the left side of Cannon Townships web site main page. This is a great place to learn about what is truly going on in Cannon Township.

Henry Betten, Resident of Cannon Township

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