Rockford artist will be missed

Phil Glass remembered

GlassPhil was a bit of a character around town. So many people knew him. He organized an art group that painted outside. I was one of those artists that he invited. Kathie Kalinowski was another of the outdoor painters. She said, “Phil had a wonderful sense of humor, was kind, humble, and thoughtful of others. He took great joy in painting with friends. He will be greatly missed in this artist community.”

Another of the painters, Nancy Liszewski said, “Phil was a special guy. He worked hard to keep our paint-outs interesting and going.”

One of his friends Eric McLaughlin said, “In his own inimitable way Phil was always true to himself and had the courage to speak his mind.”

Mary Dagley said, “Phil was an intellectual! Had great ideas, was always kind – went out of his way to be considerate. He will surely be missed.”

Phil met with a group of friends in Rockford, for coffee every week. His friend Jim Finney said, “Phil Glass was a high school classmate of mine. (Creston 1959) and a classmate at Kendall School of Design. Phil was a positive influence on me and my life is richer because of his friendship. I will miss him greatly.”

Perhaps his closest friend was local artist Michael Callahan. Mike said, “You can’t help but get to know somebody after having conversations over coffee for one to two days a week for 17 years. Phil was also a talented and unique artist. Two paintings that I purchased from him remind me of the work of the great painter, Henri Matisse.”

I have heard that when a life ends, that we need to speak their name out loud to set their spirit free to go to God. It will be hard saying Phil’s name out loud. It will be hard to let Phil go.

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