Rockford students imagine peace through posters

Pictured with the winning posters are (l-r) Tami Appleby, Brynnen Gardner, Tom Hosford, Madison Doorn, and Rachel Kibbe.
Pictured with the winning posters are (l-r) Tami Appleby, Brynnen Gardner, Tom Hosford, Madison Doorn, and Rachel Kibbe.

Madison Doorn from North Rockford Middle School and Brynnen Gardner from East Rockford Middle School were chosen as this year’s Rockford Lions Club peace poster winners. The student’s posters were among more than 375,000 entries submitted worldwide in the 25th annual Lions International Peace Poster Contest. The contest is sponsored to emphasize the importance of world peace to young people everywhere.

Participation is open to middle school students between the ages of 11-13 years old. This year’s theme was “Imagine Peace.” Posters were evaluated on three criteria; originality, artistic merit, and portrayal of the contest theme.

As winners of their respective school’s competition, Gardner and Doorn received a $100 gift card donated by Pegasus Sports in downtown Rockford. Helping them to achieve recognition for their efforts were their art teachers Rachel Kibbe (NRMS), Tami Appleby (ERMS) and Rockford Lions Club President Tom Hosford. Hosford said he was impressed by the expression and creativity of the posters and proud to provide students the opportunity to share their visions.

All students competing in the peace poster contest also meet several state art education standards, including the use of visual characteristics and organizational principles of art to communicate ideas, and to integrate artistic concepts to communicate intended meaning in artwork. Kibbe and Appleby said that helping to judge the contest is difficult because their advanced art students all have strong artistic skills for creating the posters and ideas about what peace means to them.

The Rockford Lions Club is growing and supporting many local, state, and international organizations. They are expanding their development of its young people in the Rockford community in addition to its efforts toward conquering blindness.


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