City of Rockford Arbor Day celebration

Friday, April 26 marks Arbor Day, which will be celebrated throughout the country. The City of Rockford, which has always had a long-standing tree planting and care program, which was originally started by the Honorable Judge Steven Servaas back in the 1970s.

“This year, to commemorate Arbor Day, the City of Rockford will be planting a tree in honor of each baby born to Rockford residents last year,” said City Manager Michael Young. “Any resident who has been blessed with a newborn last year is asked to contact City Hall so we can get your name and address and make arrangements for the tree planting. Ideally, trees will be planted in the parkway. However, if there is not enough room due to existing trees, we would be happy to plant a tree in the resident’s yard.”

“This program has been very well received in the past and it is always fun to get pictures of our new residents and their trees over the years as both mature,” Young stated. This Arbor Day Celebration will be in addition to the City’s normal tree planting where residents can purchase a tree on a 50/50 cost basis to be planted in the parkway. Any resident interested in participating in the 50/50 program are also asked to contact City Hall at (616) 866-1537 so arrangements can be made.

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