East Rockford Middle School Students of the Month

ERMS-MorganKraus6th Grade Student of the Month

Morgan Kraus

Communications Technology Magnet

Morgan is the daughter of Brian and Dana. She has a sister named Sarah. Morgan attended lakes Elementary. She enjoys participating in choir, water polo, and swim. In fact, she hopes to become an Olympic swimmer. Morgan’s favorites include Pre-Algebra with Mrs. Bryant, the color pink, ice cream, the movie Finding Nemo, music by One Direction, and University of Michigan. She would love to vacation in Hawaii. Morgan admires her mom, who does a lot of work to keep the family together. She is proud of being a loyal friend.


ERMS-ZacharyBurns6th Grade Student of the Month

Zachary Burns

Earth Keepers Magnet

Zachary is the son of Gary and Jeanne. He has three siblings, Amanda, Drew, and Logan, as well as two turtles named Sharky and Zoomer. Zachary attended Crestwood Elementary. He participates in lacrosse, basketball, and sixth grade band. Zach’s favorite class is Language Arts with Mrs. Spencer. His other favorites include the color blue, spaghetti, fantasy books, and the band Fun. He cheers for Duke University. Zach would love to become a marine biologist and also to travel to Belize. He admires Robert Griffin III, who is a great quarterback, and is proud of being selected as Student of the Month.


ERMS-KeannaSmith7th Grade Student of the Month

Keanna Smith

Keanna’s parents are Ron and Jodi. Her siblings are Ashtyn, Chardae, Chris, and Vincent. She also has a dog named Guapo. Keanna attended Crestwood Elementary. She participates in soccer, basketball, and choir. Her favorites include French class with Mrs. Campbell, the color lime green, tacos, movie The Blind Side, and music by Chris Brown. She cheers for the Universities of Michigan and Oregon. She would like to become a marine biologist and would love to vacation in Hawaii. Keanna admires her friend Lily, who has passed away, but always kept her hopes up while going through so much. She is most proud of always working to keep her grades up.


ERMS-JackSikkema7th Grade Student of the Month

Jack Sikkema

Jack is the son of Scott and Lisa. His brothers are Jordan, Paul, and Sam. He attended Lakes Elementary. Jack participates in swim, basketball, and water polo. He also plays French horn in the band. His favorite class is Science with Miss Rehkopf and student teacher Miss Cynar. Jack’s other favorites include the color orange, mom’s cheeseburger soup, the Percy Jackson book series, and music by Linkin Park. He would love to travel to Hawaii. Jack admires his oldest brother, Jordan, who goes to MSU, because Jack also wants to attend school there. He is proud of getting all As and being a nice person.

ERMS-HannineAqel8th Grade Student of the Month

Hannine Aqel

Hannine’s parents are Jawad and Sawsan. Her siblings include Jennine, Yasmeen, Zachary, and Zaahir. She also has a cat named Carmel. Hannine attended Crestwood Elementary. She participates in basketball and choir. Hannine also traveled to France last year, as part of the French Back-to-Back program. Her favorites include Algebra with Mr. McNally, the color blue, movie The Boy in Striped Pajamas, music by Bruno Mars, and Michigan State University. Hannine would love to become a brain surgeon and hopes to return to France again someday. She admires her parents, who both have big hearts that stretch to everyone. She is proud of her 100% score on her last Algebra test.


ERMS-KeeganMcGee8th Grade Student of the Month

Keegan McGee

Keegan’s parents are Bill and Staci. He has a sister named Kati and two degus named Bobo and Chippy. Keegan attended Meadow Ridge Elementary. He loves to stay active, including tennis, snowboarding, and wakeboarding. His favorite class is Wood Tech with Mr. Wackerle. His other favorites include the color orange, ribs, pop music and Michigan State University. He hopes for a military career with either the Marines or Army and he would love to travel to Utah for a snowboarding vacation. Keegan admires his grandpa, who is good at fixing things and also never shows a negative attitude. He is proud of being a hard worker.


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