East Rockford Middle School Students of the Month

BriannaThebo6th Grade Student of the Month

Brianna Thebo

Fine Arts Magnet

Brianna is the daughter of Pam and Brian. Her siblings include Jacob, Jordan, Kailie, Zach, Jordyn, Maddie, and Kaitlin. She has a giant fish tank, a bearded dragon, and two dogs named Rusty and Duffy. Brianna attended Crestwood Elementary. She enjoys acting and playing soccer. Brianna’s favorites include Science with Mrs. Ripley, the color blue, corndogs, the Hunger Games books, and colleges Cal Arts and Loyola. She hopes for a career as a chemist and would like the opportunity to travel to Broadway. Brianna admires her brothers, Jacob and Jordan, because they share the same interests and they push her to do better in school.


AndrewCruden6th Grade Student of the Month

Andrew Cruden

Health Quest Magnet

Andy is the son of John and Lisa. He has two sisters, Rachel and Hannah, as well as a dog named Sammy. He attended Parkside Elementary. Andy participates in choir at ERMS and also enjoys playing baseball. His favorites include Math with Mrs. Banfield, the color blue, steak, and University of Michigan. He would love to travel to Hawaii. Andy admires his parents because they help him get better at things and is proud of earning Student of the Month.


MadelynMcConnon7th Grade Student of the Month

Madelyn McConnon

Madelyn’s parents are Matt and Deb. Her siblings include Austin, Dylan, and Gideon. She attended Parkside Elementary. Madelyn enjoys reading, writing, riding horses, and volunteering for the Equest Center in Rockford. Her favorite class is Eastern Hemisphere with Mr. Posont. Madelyn’s other favorites include the color purple, food Shepard’s pie, Cryptic Hunters books, and Grand Valley State University. She hopes for a career as a special education teacher and would love to visit the historical sites on the East coast. Madelyn admires her aunt, who has adopted several children and she is proud of being recognized as the Example of Excellence at Parkside. She is also proud of being who she is.



BeckettVigh7th Grade Student of the Month

Beckett Vigh

Beckett’s parents are Julie, Allen & Danielle. His siblings are Brenna and Tyler. He also has a cat, dog, and a fish. Beckett attended Crestwood Elementary. He loves to listen to and play music. He plays percussion in the band and plays guitar as well. Beckett also enjoys playing water polo and reading. Favorites of Beckett include Myths & Legends class with Mrs. Campbell, the color blue, hot and sour soup, the Inheritance Cycle book series, and rock music. He would like a career in marine biology. Beckett admires David Gilmour, guitarist and vocalist for Pink Floyd, because he makes music that is almost hypnotic. He is proud of his ability to play multiple musical instruments.

AshleyMiller8th Grade Student of the Month

Ashley Miller

Ashley is the daughter of Kevin and Laura. She has a brother named Alex and a Chihuahua named Coal. She attended Lakes Elementary. Ashley enjoys participating in track, snowboarding, water sports, and spending time with friends. Her favorite includes United States History class with Mr. LaCourt, the color purple, Italian food, and Michigan State University. She hopes for a career in the medical field and would love a tropical vacation. Ashley admires her grandpa, who showed incredible strength after shattering his leg. He also started and ran his own construction company and has had great success. Ashley is proud of earning good grades in school.

AveryWittmer8th Grade Student of the Month

Avery Wittmer

Avery’s parents are Michael and Julie. His siblings are Alayna and Landon. He also has a dog named Sammy. Avery attended Crestwood Elementary. He enjoys playing percussion in the ERMS band and also playing his drum set at home. Avery’s favorites include Band with Mrs. Kilgore, the color blue, orange chicken, Eragon books, jazz music, and Cornerstone University. He hopes for a career as a card game designer and would like to vacation in China. Avery admires his dad, who is responsible, hard-working, and always goes out of his way to help the family. He is proud of getting into ROCK Math and Science classes.

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