School Beat

Jacquie Fase

Director of Transportation


As you begin to close out another school year, RPS transportation is already gearing up for next year. We are preparing to say good bye to the graduates of 2013 and hello to the class of 2026! Though that seems like a long way off, it will be here before you know it!

If you are the parent of a new incoming Kindergartner there are many things you may need to let us know. Our first concern is safety for these little ones. Where will your child be going after school, home or daycare? Who will be meeting the bus, parents, grandparents, siblings or daycare provider?

Not all students can be picked up at their door step. There are many subdivisions that we do not enter. Your student may be required to walk to a common bus stop.

Our routing program only allows for one pick up location and one drop off location. With nearly 8000 students being transported twice daily we simply cannot schedule multiple stops or buses for the students we transport.

We do not deliver students to dentist appointments, after school employment or babysitting jobs. We cannot transport for scout meetings or after school birthday parties. The buses are simple to full to squeeze on entire groups.

We cannot allow the students to bring balloons, live animals or reptiles, skate boards, large band instruments or snow sleds on the buses. Michigan state law requires all items be secured or held on the students lap. Given the amount of space required for the students, these large items cannot be accommodated.

Each year the drivers bid on their routes according to their seniority. Though some drivers try to keep their route year after year, others enjoy the challenge of changing routes. Many times this is a bigger challenge than anticipated when addresses are not clearly identified.

Is your number up? Meaning, of course, is your house number clearly displayed at the road? Whether it be a school bus driver or an emergency first responder, if house numbers are displayed in an obvious way, our jobs are much easier.

Will you be moving over the summer? If so, the sooner you inform your school secretaries, the better prepared we will be in transportation.

Are your emergency contact numbers up to date? If not, be sure to complete that information in your students orientation packet or through your Family Access account.

Bussing information for the 2013-2014 school year will be available on Family Access after August 26, 2013.

As always, if ever you have a question or concern about your child’s bussing information, please call the transportation office 616-863-6328.

The office is open Monday through Friday 6 am-5 pm.


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