Robert S. Boyer speech for the May 7 RACE induction ceremony

Good evening (May 7),

I want to thank Terry Konkle and the Rockford Area Historical Society for nominating me to this Community Endowment Recognition honor. I have known Terry and Jan for 54 years and am proud to call them my friends. My thanks, too, to Vic Matthews for his kind words on May 7th and to City Manager Michael Young and his committee.

I also want to thank my family for their constant support of my activities.

I’m honored to be in the same company with Margaret Janose, Joyce Torrey, Kletis (Caldwell) and Jim McIntyre this evening.

I would like to eulogize some past members of the Rockford Board of Education.

1949- Ted Carlson, Richard Krause (father of Vic), Howard Morehouse, and (I believe) Dr. DeMaagd.

1961- Ted Carlson (still a member), Leo Finch, Dr. Jack Carlson, Ken Morrison, Paul Robe, Charles Kitson and Lynn Gill.

Mid 1970s- John Bunbury and John Sjogren.

1979- (still all men) Dave Carlson, Mike Farmer, Roger Mawby, Richard Dolph, Ron Cavner, Jack Koetje and Paul Matthews.

Later, Betsy Hart became the first woman on the Board, followed by many more, including Carol Muth, who helped set up the Rockford Education Foundation. I understand that, at present, there are three women on the Board.

Probably even more important for this evening’s program is the contribution of the City of Rockford, past, present and future.

City Council Paul Burch, Adolph Krause, Clarence Blakeslee, Neil and Rodd Blakeslee, Mary Eadie and many others.

Krause Memorial Library Board Mrs. Ferrand, Mrs. Krause, Dorotha Langbridge, Jack Bolt, Mrs. Lynn Clark and Zell Gill.

Outstanding City Managers have included Homer Burch, Harry Zuck (who came here from Rockford, Illinois), John Von Prooyan, and, again, Michael Young.

Remember, be fair, firm and friendly. Hail to the victors. Thank you.

Bob Boyer



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