Rockford student finds prehistoric manatee bone

Fossil-FoundMax Dalton, 11 years old of Rockford, had been zip lining at Tree Umph while visiting his grandparents in Florida. When they went to Linger Lodge for lunch, Max was exploring around the river bank out side of the restaurant and showed his grandparents this rock like thing he foiund.

He asked all of his family and spent many hours on his ipad researching his find.  Most of his siblings thought it was nothing.  He insisted that they go to the Anna Maria City pier so he could show it to the gentleman that was always there with fun sharks teeth and interesting rocks, plus lovely jewelry.  He was so kind to take the time and gave Max hope that it could be a real fossil. The next morning the grandparents called the South Florida Museum in Bradenton and asked if they could bring the “rock” down and have someone look at it.

Matthew Woodside, Director of Exhibitions of the South Florida Museum kindly agreed to meet with them.  “How lucky we are to live in a community with such wonderful talented individuals who are willing to drop there very busy schedule to meet with a young boy,” stated the grandparents.  “Mr. Woodside gave us a wonderful historical background on Florida and its evolution of prehistoric life.”  Woodside guided Max around the museum to a life sized skeleton of a prehistoric manatee, called a Dugone.  He assured Max that his find was a bone that was most likely a rib bone approximately 15-50 million years old.

Many wonderful memories have been made over the years while visiting in Florida, but this is one spring break one little curious 11 year old will never forget.

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