Reader appreciates letter regarding fracturing

To the editor,

I was gratified to see the response in the letters-to-the-editor section of the Squire issue dated Thursday, May 30 concerning the article entitled “Part of Rockford’s Charm Due to Hydraulic Fracturing.” I found this article to be full of the kind of unsubstantiated and misleading remarks the gas and oil industry likes to use when supporting their own agenda. The caption to the cover picture states that, since 1927, the oil and gas industries have contributed nearly a billion dollars in tax revenues to the state of Michigan. At face value, the statement sounds impressive. Upon reflection one realizes that this covers a period of 90+ years. In that amount of time what was the amount of profit realized by these companies. The article goes on to state that leasing and drilling in this state has been going on for a number of years. What it fails to do is recognize that the new type of horizontal drilling represents a number of potential hazards that have yet to be thoroughly researched. For instance, if the chemicals used are so harmless (bleach, catsup, etc.) why is the industry refusing to issue an exact list of chemicals used? Why is the exorbitant amount of water used in the extraction process contaminated forever………this in a state that prides itself on clean water as one of its’ strongest resources. The state of New York has declared a moratorium on further drilling. Michigan should take note of this wise decision.

A concerned citizen,

Mary Scanlan

Belmont, Michigan

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