Robin-NestAn American robin built this nest among the fronds of a Boston fern sitting on the front porch of Patricia Rose’s home on Myers Lake in Courtland Township, east of Rockford. Mama robin keeps a wary eye from a nearby Colorado blue spruce tree when people step onto the porch. Eventually, she settles back on the bowl-shaped nest made from twigs and lined with dry grass. She’s been sitting on these four light blue eggs – about the size and weight of a quarter, for three weeks. Once the nestlings hatch, she’ll sit on the nest for another 10 to 12 days to keep the babies safe, warm and dry. Aside from Boston ferns, robins also build nests in bushes, trees or under the eaves of buildings and beneath decks that are between 5 and 25 feet off the ground. Male robins have been known to dive-bomb people and cats that come within 10 feet of a nest, so heads up!

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