Spring cleanup and new amenities for the White Pine Trail

Friends of the White Pine Trail’s Chairman Dave Heyboer has provided the following update on spring repairs to the trail, some new amenities and volunteer opportunities that the public is welcome to take part in.

The trail is in good condition and has been swept again as there has been a lot of droppings from the trees along the trail.  This year has been challenging as far as keeping the trail relatively clean.  Heyboer reported, “This is the third time we have had to do major cleaning this year already.  Thanks to Dave Orlow for doing the sweeping north of Belmont last Friday. On Sunday, June 9, Tony Shachowiak, Len Kizer, George Dorset, and I set out to fix and repair the major potholes on the trail north of Belmont.”

The clean-up team rented a plate compactor/vibrator, which weighs just less than 200 pounds to make the repairs come out properly.  The machines were rented at Advanced Rental Center on Plainfield.  “They set us up with a four-wheeled dolly to transport the unit on along with a rope to pull it up on the tilt bed trailer; this was a great asset, as we had to unload and load this heavy machine several times, as the potholes we worked on were spread over several miles of trail,” said Heyboer.

“At each spot, we used a six-foot breaker/pry bar, pickaxe, sledgehammers shovels and rakes to open up and remove the sunken, cracked, and broken asphalt from the pothole areas.  This was a lot of work. We then sealed the edges with liquid filler, then filled the holes with “Cold Patch” asphalt, and then would run the compactor over back and forth many times to press the material into the holes.  After many passes with the compactor, we would lightly spread Portland Cement on the patch material and again run the compactor over the area.”

Heyboer reported that he did a bike ride to the overlook north of Rockford Sunday evening and the patches in that area looked great after a busy day of trail use.

“We only fixed the severe potholes and we will be addressing more of the potholes and trenches in the asphalt at a later date.  Now that we have a good process, we will try to make a plan to fix a lot more problem areas in a day and will plan a “Work Day” when we will ask for additional volunteers to assist!  Please stay vigilant of our E-News if you are willing to help for our next workday on the trail!”


Workers On The Trail…


“While we were working on the trail, we were an obvious obstruction.  We had the Gator with trailer, and one additional vehicle along with 4 persons doing various jobs.

“The people out there are all volunteers, working hard to make the trail a great place for everyone to use!  We put out caution signs and we try not to be too much of problem; but unfortunately, we are there, and in the way sometimes!

“Please slow down and proceed with extreme caution, as no one needs to be involved in a needless accident.

“Lastly, we had a lot of great people thanking us for the work we were doing; our favorite comment is “Thank You, and You Are Welcome, and “Bring Cookies,” we had a few offers to bring cookies and beer, but we cannot have alcohol on the trail, so thanks for the offer of beer, but please no beer

There are three new covered picnic tables (like the one near House Street) and three benches for installation this coming summer.  One is scheduled to go to Tustin.  One is tentatively scheduled for a spot south of the West River Road Bridge.  A few locations have been picked out as possible spots for the third bench, but they are not perfect.  Anyone who knows of a great location for the covered picnic tables or benches should contact Friends of the White Pine Trail. E-mail me at ASTACHOW@comcast.net.


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