Wolverine to allow public use of property

Michael Young, Rockford City Manager
Michael Young, Rockford City Manager


Rockford City Manager

The Rockford City Council met this Monday as part of their regularly scheduled June meeting. Council had a busy meeting and made several important decisions about our community. City Council discussed a proposal by Wolverine World Wide to move the fence at the old tannery property to allow for coordinated public uses of the lawn area. The City will be working with Wolverine on an agreement that will allow casual use of the grass by the public with more specific events being coordinated as part of our various festivals that are held throughout the year. We thank Wolverine for their cooperation throughout this entire redevelopment process and thank them for their willingness to allow the public to enjoy the large lawn area on the southern end of the old tannery site.

Council received an update on the old “Wolverine Addition,” which includes Sigsbee, Norwood, Adolph and Elizabeth Street. Hopefully within the next week, the base coat of asphalt will be placed on Sigsbee and Norwood Streets. Crews will then move to Adolph and remove the old roadway and curbing and begin the process of installing underground utilities. Once Adolph Street is completed, crews will move to Elizabeth Street and go through the same process. If the weather cooperates, this project will be completed right around the Labor Day Holiday.

City Council also extended a moratorium on the installation of electronic/digital billboards. CBS Outdoors has filed a lawsuit against the City after we denied their permit for installation of an electronic billboard on Northland Drive by Twelve Mile. The City is vigorously fighting this lawsuit and the purpose of the moratorium is to allow Council to work with the Planning Commission on appropriate regulations dealing with electronic/digital billboards.

Council also formally joined a consortium of municipalities that are looking at ambulance service throughout Kent County. Significant effort has been placed into consolidating the various dispatch centers throughout the County from six (6) to two (2). While the dispatch operation has improved, coordination with the ambulance companies is important to ensure there are adequate resources to respond to medical emergencies throughout our community. We are fortunate to have Rockford Ambulance operating in the City and neighboring townships and we believe this effort will strengthen that relationship.

The City Council recently adopted its 2013-14 fiscal year budget, which begins July 1, 2013. In next week’s edition of the Squire, I will provide a detailed overview of the budget and the capital improvement projects that are scheduled for the upcoming year. As always, for additional information on the City, please visit our website at www.rockford.mi.us or check us out on Facebook. Should any resident have questions about City operations, please do not hesitate to contact me at City Hall at 866-1537 or myoung@rockford.mi.us.

In closing, I hope that everyone has a very enjoyable Start of Summer weekend and I would like to personally thank that Start of Summer Committee for all of their hard work in putting on what is sure to be a fabulous event.

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