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Terry Konkle – President

history2Progress continues on our new museum project. In the last couple of weeks we have completely emptied the “Burch Room” at the old museum and moved the contents to the research areas in the new building. A group of tireless volunteers did much of the work with “Two Men and A Truck” transporting the heavier files along with some cabinets, a record player and a player piano. The society hired the company and they did a nice job. Some work still needs to be done to put things away and to get the office area ready.

The history room of the new museum is taking shape. The forest graphics are on the new display and the river graphics are next. The frame of the house which will display a kitchen and living room area is built and in place. The store storage area is enclosed and three other large display areas have been built and are in place. Signage and placement of artifacts will follow.

The museum has a new sign ready which will be mounted on the outside west wall facing Main Street. The sign is similar to those used to identify other buildings (city hall, library) and will go up soon. Another sign is planned for the front of the building.

On Sunday, June 23, Jon and Carlene Stamp, two of our loyal, hard working society members celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary with an Open House/ Picnic at Townsend Park. Many readers will recognize them as long time teachers at Rockford High School or perhaps as an active couple on antique car tours. The invitation to the event shows two hand drawn older cars with the caption “Touring Together For Fifty Years”.

One of the instructions on the announcement stated: Card Box available—Donations to the Rockford Historical Society in lieu of gifts. This gesture on their part is very remarkable and, of course, much appreciated. I have known both of them from before they were married up to the present time, and on behalf of myself and also the historical society, I congratulate them and wish them many more happy, productive years together. They are another example of what is “right” about our Rockford area. Thank you Jon and Carlene for your positive influence and your thoughtfulness.

Finally, one of the benefits of writing a weekly column is the opportunity to speak with people. I have learned so much from readers who call with answers to the “Nugget” questions. Often, readers not only give the answer (correct or incorrect) but also furnish additional thoughts. I might add that some of the things I have heard are not suitable for publication but still interesting. Please keep the calls (616-866-0530) coming not only with answers but also with questions you might have about columns or about the historical society. Also start thinking about our annual fund raising auction on September 28, 2013. Roger Humbert is in charge of the event and plans are in place. More information will come soon!

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