Three times as many RHS students will earn college credit

Lisa Jacobs, Executive Director

Community Services


Starting in the fall of 2013, the Rockford Public Schools will partner with Ferris State University to pilot a new option for high school students to earn high school credit as well as college credit. These classes, called concurrent enrollment courses, are actual Ferris State University courses. The instructors are high school teachers that have been approved to teach the courses by FSU. The courses are taught during the school day and built into the schedule and run concurrently with AP classes.

Rockford students will benefit by not only earning college and high school credit, but most importantly experience the rigor of taking a college course. Students must meet the eligibility requirements to register for the courses. The registration and courses are free to students. Through this partnership, the district will provide three times as many students the opportunity to earn credit. More students will be able to earn college credit at the same cost to the district as in previous years.

Interested students that are not anticipating attending Ferris State University are also encouraged to participate. If a student is interested, parents and students should contact the college or university of choice and ask about the transferability of the credit. Parents and students should also visit the Michigan Transfer Network at to review transferability as well. However, please keep in mind the best advice is to contact the college or university of choice for their acceptance of the FSU credit.

For information on “The Woodbridge Ferris Early College Program,” please contact Lisa Jacobs, Executive Director of Community Services, at 863-6322. Parents and students may also learn more information about concurrent enrollment by visiting the Ferris State University website at

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