Rockford family’s golf story is better than fiction

by Tom Kochendorfer


Danny, shown here in the blue and white shirt (center) with his family.

Danny, shown here in the blue and white shirt (center) with his family.

On June 18, 2013, I received a call from my 13 year old grandson Danny who lives in Rockford. He wanted to tell me what he had found. It was in regards to a golf ball.

Danny’s farm home is adjacent to a golf course and as you can imagine he finds many golf balls on the property. He and his younger brother clean them up and sell the good ones back to the golfers , good job Danny, and they toss the not so good ones into a bag for their own golf practice.

Danny was hitting some balls on their property (don’t worry they have

Tom Kochendorger, Danny's grandfather.

Tom Kochendorger, Danny’s grandfather.

about ten acres so there’s plenty of room ) and as he was getting ready to tee one up, the ball falls off the tee. So he reaches down and grabs it and is about to tee it up again, when he saw a name on the ball. Printed on one side was the company ball name of Golden Scot 3 with a small logo. On the other side was a printed golfer’s name of  A. C. Kochendorfer. Danny never heard of A.C. but he did know Kochendorfer . Hence, the phone call.  He wanted to know if this was anyone I knew. I said “ I think so Danny, those are the initials used by your Great Grandfather that you never knew, and he was my Father,” I informed him.

Now there might be other Kochendorfer’s with the initials A.C. one might say, but I doubt it. My father was Arthur Charles, used the A.C. a great deal in his name. He did play a lot of golf in his day too, including some rounds of golf “Up North” in the Harbor Springs area. But to my knowledge he never played near the Grand Rapids or Rockford areas. In fact, he lived his entire life many hours away in Toledo, Ohio. So the question comes up —  “how did this ball get in Danny’s shag bag?”  By accident or was it placed there by the golf gods?


A.C. Kochendorfer, Danny's great grandfather.

A.C. Kochendorfer, Danny’s great grandfather.

Some additional golf info for this story …. The Golden Scot 3 was manufactured, I learned yesterday, back in the 1960’s, so it’s almost fifty years old. My father passed away over seventeen years ago in 1997 before any of our grandchildren were born. His birthday was just this past Saturday, June 15th . Danny finds the ball sometime this month. That ball just happens to fall off the tee as he is about to hit it on June 18th. Why that ball ? If it doesn’t fall off the tee at that moment — it’s hit into the woods and it’s gone, gone, gone.

So, What are the odds I ask? I think A.C. was giving Danny a golf lesson in his own way. Thanks Dad.


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