Young entrepreneur shows American spirit

canboyTrevor Leigh, age 9, has been funding his projects through collecting returnable cans for the past five years—since he was four! He was returning a cartload of cans to Ric’s Food Center, 6767 Belding Road, on Tuesday, July 2.

According to his mom, Kim, Trevor is very industrious and has collected and returned more cans than she could put a dollar amount to. He used his collected money to purchase a custom-made muzzleloader that cost over $1,000 because he likes to go hunting with his dad, Don.

He saved his money for years for that project, showing a remarkable self control and determination for someone his age. He also saved can money for other purchases, including a video game that cost more than $40 that his mother said she wouldn’t buy.

Kim said Trevor recently fell in love with shooting skeet with a shotgun and is saving to purchase one of those. People seem to admire this industrious in Trevor and while at Ric’s one of the Ric’s employees gave him a five dollar bill as he was on his way to return the pile of cans. His grandparents also save cans for him.

“He’s quite the business man,” said his mom, Kim. She noted that Trevor has a twin, Ashley, who does not share her brother’s business enthusiasm. “She is more the artsy type and doesn’t care that much about money,” Kim said.

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