Rockford City Council plans strategies for future

Five items identified as priorities for this year


Rockford City Manager Michael Young recently informed Rockford City Council about developments as construction season progresses and reiterated the goals current council would like to resolve before the end of this year.

Young said he has had meetings on trail developments that he is very excited about. He is working with the DNR on a possible grant application for a trail on the west side of the Rogue River, across from Red’s between River Street and Ten Mile. According to a letter Young sent council members, “This would be a trail linkage that would loop into the White Pine Trail both at Bridge and Ten Mile and provide a beautiful setting along the Rogue River.” He said the project would be included in the City’s Five Year Park and Recreation Master Plan and the DNR has indicated they would work with the City for funding for the project through grants from the Natural Resources Trust Fund.

Council also identified five areas of importance that are a priority for the current council to address this year. First is to identify a public use for the former Rockford Area Historical Society museum property at the dam. They urged the public, at the July 8 City Council meeting, to give feedback about what would be a desirable use for the property or the historic building.

Second the council is interested in finding a way to provide public transportation from the new sports complex on Ten Mile to the City of Rockford and back. According to Young, there is some thought that the City could contract with the Rapid bus service. Young said in his former job as City Manager of Greenville, part of his duties were to organize the public transportation system. “I wouldn’t be afraid of that if we decide to go that route,” he said of his current position with Rockford.

The third item on the Council’s to-consider list is to identify and evaluate potential location(s) for an alternative sports park both inside and outside City limits.

Fourth, council wants to seek opportunities to make the City of Rockford street system more bicycle friendly. Finally, council wants to identify enhanced opportunities to communicate Council business with the public.

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