Reading Rocks welcomes self-publisher

Reading-mcdonaldReading is the foundation for the future, and at the Reading Rocks in Rockford in August, published author and business owner Tricia L. McDonald will bring depth to your understanding and love of the written word in her presentation on The New Face of Self-Publishing.

The world of self-publishing has exploded with more authors choosing this option as their first foray into getting books published. So what is the best way to publish? McDonald draws on her years of experience as a reader, writing coach, published writer, and publisher to help you better understand whether the self-publishing route is right for you. Her workshop will teach you what to look for and look ‘out’ for when making the decision to publish.

Her company, Splattered Ink Press, in Grand Haven, works one-on-one with authors as they write their books. She knows the amount of time and energy authors put into writing and rewriting (and rewriting). When they near the final touches, they inevitably ask, “Now what?”

That is when the idea of Splattered Ink Press started to take shape. McDonald went through the process of self-publishing and survived, and now she offers the same services to writers who do not want to learn everything needed to self-publish, but also don’t want to follow the traditional (will it ever happen?) publishing path or Print On Demand.

Splattered Ink Press does the work of formatting your book, designing a cover, securing the ISBN number and bar code, and getting your book printed. You keep the rights to your book and the profits in your pocket … where they belong.

But to be a good writer, you first must be a good reader. McDonald believes that literacy is essential at every age, so whether you’re reading to your child, working through your first chapter book, staying up until 2 a.m. with a page turner, or crafting your very own written creation, McDonald wants to celebrate you!

Join her at Reading Rocks in Rockford, August 10 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Krause Library!


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