School Beat July 25, 2013

Jamie Hosford

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources


Rockford Public Schools has perhaps one of the strongest parent volunteer networks of any school district in the county. The amount of volunteering in our schools by parents, grandparents, friends, students, Board members and community members is one of the reasons why our district is so successful and has a strong educational reputation throughout the State of Michigan. The Board of Education, Superintendent, administration, teachers and support staff truly appreciate the work and countless hours that are donated by volunteers on behalf of our students.

As you are probably aware, Rockford Public Schools continues to look for ways to maintain a safe, secure and nurturing environment for our students and staff. A Board of Education policy is in place that requires all volunteers to complete a Volunteer Consent Form prior to volunteering in any capacity. Our district security team then contacts the State of Michigan to complete criminal background checks. I want to emphasize to our volunteers that the information provided on the Volunteer Consent Form and the information received back from the State of Michigan is held in strict confidence and kept under lock and key. At the end of each school year, the records are shredded and properly disposed of.

In any given year, our security department under the direction of Mr. Charlie Brown, will successfully process in excess of 2,500 Volunteer Consent Forms. On a side note, for your information, all employees of Rockford Public Schools have been fingerprinted and criminal background checks have been performed. In addition, all prospective new employees go through the same criminal background checks before they are hired.

The Board of Education policy clearly defines a volunteer as “anyone that is in the presence of students, in any capacity, involving school-related activities.” In essence, anyone who volunteers to help in one of our schools or with school-related activities (including field trips, etc.), with or without direct student contact, is required to complete a Volunteer Consent Form.

Research clearly shows that when people (volunteers) are involved in a child’s education, he/she achieves at a higher level. Rockford Public Schools is truly a special place due to our outstanding staff, parents, students and community. In closing, please accept our heartfelt appreciation for being an integral part of our district.


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