Sidewalk sales business was brisk despite dreadful heat

Downtown Rockford was as busy this sidewalk sale week as in past years, despite a heat index of over 100 the first day, Thursday, July 18. Both merchants and their loyal customer base braved the scorching sunny day Thursday, and enjoyed a relief of wind on Friday, although temperatures stayed above 90 degrees. The annual three-day event is a fun one in Rockford and a time when merchants can put their goods outdoors for strollers to see as well as offer discounts and specials indoors. From apparel, accessories to food and other products, downtown Rockford is rarely as busy as it is during these sale events.

sidewalkGritterBelinda Gritter, of northeast Grand Rapids, wouldn’t miss a Sidewalk Sale in Rockford and found plenty of good buys as she walked the downtown shops. Her favorite “find” was a circular knitting needle case at J.T. Stitchery and Frame Shop. Her favorite “steal” were skeins of yard at the same store. Sale priced at just $2.10, she couldn’t resist buying many, regularly priced at $8.

Gritter said she enjoys Rockford and has happy memories of the town from when she was a girl. Her family had a cabin on Bostwick Lake and while vacationing there would visit downtown. She fondly remembers the old drug store on the corner of Main and Courtland (Powers Drug Store) and the department store that was kitty corner, where the Frame Shop is now.

Mother and daughter shopping team Jayne Clark and Nicole Clark, of Rockford, were happy to pose for a sidewalkclarkpicture, despite the glaring overhead sunlight. They said they had only started their day’s excursion so didn’t yet have any fun finds to show off. “But we have high hopes,” said Jayne.

No find in downtown could please the Scheuneman children better than the stuffed snakes they found at Aunt Candy’s Toy Store. The kids were excited to show off the new additions to the household, and Jagger was especially proud of his snake, which he had already named Strike. When asked how they enjoyed their shopping, mom Lindy, said they were all having a good time and had “been melting for a couple of hours now.”

sidewalkscheanemanPictured are mom Lindy, Ayzlyn, Poet and Jagger with their armloads of purchases as they made their way to their car.

Anther mother-daughter team were Pam Burk with her daughter Harper sidewalkburkBurk. All the way from Boston, Massachusetts, they were visiting Rockford resident Bruce Cojeen. “We said send us to downtown Rockford and we’ll shop,” shared Pam.






sidewalkbutterBoys like to shop, too. Micah Butters, age 3, and Parker Butters, age 8, were fascinated with some fun pens from the Squires Street Mercantile. They were happy to show off their finds and said they also loved visiting Aunt Candy’s Toy Store, although mom Rachael wouldn’t let them go inside. If they went in, they would be there all day.

Finally Squire friend Darcy Olsen said she was ready to face the hot weather to shop because she knows she will find all sorts of deals during Sidewalk Sales. The photographer, who used to shoot wrestling for the Squire, was sidewalkolsenhappy to chit chat under the shade of an awning at Bowdacious. She promised to share some fun news going on in her life in an upcoming edition of the Squire.


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