Rams wrap up conditioning week



The week of July 29th through August 2nd saw the official start of the high school football season for Rockford. It was conditioning week for the Rams and time to see who did (and didn’t) engage in a regular slate of physical activity to prepare for the grind of a high school football season.

“We have never had a more consistent or harder working group that turned out in our weight room,” said Rockford head football coach Ralph Munger. “We also had a pretty solid number of our players who took part in running the hills at Cannonsburg. But it seems that it is the older kids who know what it takes to get through the rigors of a football season are the ones who came in the most prepared on the whole. It can be rough on the young guys but they will be our leaders in the future and will pave a path for our younger kids when their time comes.”

The conditioning week also coincided with the Rockford FUNdamental Youth Clinic. It was a great week for all of the kids who participated, the Rockford coaching staff and the players at the high school. Munger was pleased with every aspect that transpired over the course of the week.

“Like every other year, the camp was just a blast for all of us,”said Munger. “The coaches love to work with the kids, but it is even more enjoyable to watch how good some of the players are with the youngsters. The kids light up when they are interacting with the varsity players and the players return their enthusiasm.”

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