Rockford merchants ready to catch loyal customers ‘blue-handed’

buynearbyRockford is joining a force that is quickly growing in Michigan. The “Buy Nearby” campaign, brainchild of Michigan Retailers Association (MRA), is taking wing on Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013 and Rockford is on board for the flight. The posters for this important new campaign are already in downtown merchants’ windows.

The Buy Nearby campaign will run throughout the year and kicked off annually each year on the first Saturday in October. The idea behind this year’s theme “Get Caught Blue-handed Day” is a play on the expression, getting caught red-handed. The goal of the campaign is to encourage loyal consumers to get caught blue-handed on Oct. 5 – and everyday to keep the local economy strong.

“Buy Nearby intends to bring a ‘Pure Michigan’ type of pride and loyalty to shopping in Michigan. In fact, the state’s Pure Michigan program is supporting Buy Nearby in key ways,” said James P. Hallan, President & CEO of MRA. “There are many good ‘shop local’ efforts already in existence in or state, and there appears to be growing awareness on the part of consumers of the importance of supporting local shopping. Buy Nearby is meant to add support and build upon these existing efforts in pursuit of our common goal.”

Buy Nearby’s goal is to strengthen the community and help local businesses prosper – by keeping the money local, instead of letting important funds leave our state.

The facts, and benefits of spending local, are not lost on Hallan. “Retailers are responsible for more than 850,000 Michigan jobs. All of us working together can protect these jobs, create thousands more and boost the economies of our local communities across Michigan.”

Please participate by encouraging everyone in our state to Buy Nearby!


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