Two a days dawn for football



After enjoying the mentally and physically refreshing effects of a “Dead Week” where no practices or team activities organized by coaches could take place, it was a cold slap of reality that greeted the Rockford football program this week. It was time for the dreaded two a days to rear their ugly head on Monday, August 12th.

Two a days are a necessary evil in football when so much practice time is squeezed into a little less than three weeks before the opener against Utica Eisenhower. It is a combination of conditioning, putting in place the offense and defense and getting the first real chance to hit someone in pads and prove your mettle and place in the hierarchy of the game of football while putting in countless hours over two practices a day.

Rockford has an inherent edge when it comes to implementing the various facets of their offense and defense. The coaching staff is headed by the legendary Ralph Munger who has seemingly roamed the sidelines at RHS forever. And his assistants have an almost unmatched level of tenure when compared to almost every other staff in the state.

“I still look forward to this time of year every season despite the length of time I have been coaching,” said Munger. “It’s hard not to when you see the enthusiasm of not only the kids but my assistants as well. We have never had as much effort from the team as a whole when it comes to participating in all of the aspects that can improve a young man from a physical standpoint.”

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