City Council Update

by MICHAEL F. YOUNG, City Manager


The Rockford City Council continued our significant investment in infrastructure, as part of their regularly scheduled August meeting. The Council approved nearly $250,000 of street resurfacing throughout the City. The City will be cape sealing streets that have been targeted through our Asset Management Program. This process includes first laying a thick fiber mat on the existing road surface and covering it with chipped stone. The traffic then drives the chipped stone into the fiber mat, creating a very hard surface. The fiber mat serves to keep reflective cracking from migrating its way to the top of the road surface. After a short period of time, crews will return and micro pave over the chip seal to give a lasting homogenous surface. While this process is admittedly messy during installation, it provides an excellent alternative to a traditional mill and overlay at a greatly reduced cost. Streets that will receive the chip seal with a fiber mat include James Street, Longview, Helen, Oak Street, Bridge Street between Fremont and Lincoln, Monroe Street between Courtland and the bridge over the Rum Creek, and Fremont Street. The Fremont Street application will be slightly different because we will pave over the fiber mat instead of cape sealing.

These projects are in addition to the nearly $1 million reconstruction of the “Wolverine Addition,” which includes the complete reconstruction of Sigsbee, Norwood, Adolph and Elizabeth Streets. This project was funded by $1.1 million capital improvement bond at an interest rate of 1.73%.

In addition to these important projects, the Rockford Downtown Development Authority is investing heavily in the downtown infrastructure. The parking lots off of Monroe Street and Courtland Street have recently been repaved and this week we are repaving the lot off Squire Street. We have also installed curbing on the perimeter of these lots to provide a more defined edge and handle storm water more properly. The investment in the City’s infrastructure is one of Council’s goals.

Did you know that the City has detailed parcel/tax/utility information on its website? Simply go to the City’s website at, and visit the Quick Links in the upper left hand side of the page. By clicking on the Property/Tax/Utility lookup tab, you can find detailed information on any parcel in the City. This information is also linked to the City’s GIS system. Once a parcel address or owner’s name is typed into the search bar, you can also view the parcel in GIS by clicking on the hyperlink in the upper left hand corner. Parcel searches can also be made by clicking on the “Find a Parcel” app,(on the main City website page), which includes aerial photography. The City’s park system is also linked to the “Find a Parcel” app. The City also offers convenient automatic deduction for payments of utility bills and if you are interested, you can sign up at City Hall.

Are you interested in volunteering for one of the City’s various Boards and Commissions? If so, we ask that you please visit our website and click on the “Forms/Applications“ link under the “Quick Links.” Then click on the “Commission Appointment Application” and complete it and send it to City Hall. Appointments are made as vacancies become available and we keep a database of residents who are interested in serving.

The City strives to communicate with its residents and taxpayers in a variety of fashions. A complete list of City staff members and City Council emails are available on the City’s website. The City also provides periodic updates via its Facebook page. Of course, nothing compares to face-to-face conversations, so I would encourage you to contact me at City Hall should you have any questions or need any additional information.


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