Lemonade stand an American summer tradition

lemonadestand1Siblings didn’t waste a summer day in pursuits as unprofitable as fishing, bike riding or playing with electronics. These three set up an old-fashioned lemonade stand in downtown Rockford, with customers pulling over or walking up to buy a beverage for fifty cents.

Tim VandeGuchte was “delighted” to see youngsters selling homemade lemonade from a roadside stand. He pulled into the driveway at the Rockford home and allowed the Squire to take his picture.

As the school-free days of Michigan’s summer draw to a close, siblings in Rockford put the hot weather to their good use on Monday, August 19, setting up shop on the side of Monroe Street and hawking fresh, cold lemonade to passers-by.

Elijah, 5, Caleb, 9 and Josh Haskell, 11, were all smiles and energy waving a homemade sign at the curbfront of a residence on the blisteringly hot afternoon. The three drew plenty of customers who were either glad to pay the fifty cent cost of a glass of cool lemonade, or donated even more in support of the kids’ efforts.

“I was delighted to see them,” said Tim VandeGuchte. “My kids have lemonade stands and I like people to support them, so I saw these guys and decided to stop and buy some lemonade.” He

Tim VandeGuchte was happy to buy a glass of lemonade from enthusiastic youngsters.
Tim VandeGuchte was happy to buy a glass of lemonade from enthusiastic youngsters.

also said the enthusiasm the kids demonstrated made them impossible to pass by.

The Haskell trio said they came up with the idea of selling lemonade themselves and were happy with the positive response they were getting from drivers and walkers.

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