Rockford High School Ski Team Attends Ski Race Camp

On December 27 and 28, the Rockford High School ski team attended Nub’s Nobs

Holiday Racing Camp. Nub’s Nob Ski Area is home to the dedicated race training hill “Race Arena” and the famous “Scarface”. Race Arena provides a venue for our aspiring racers specifically designed to give them the training they need. Scarface provides the most extreme alpine race training available in the Midwest¨ with more pitch and terrain changes than any other venue. NNR Holiday Camp includes:

  • 6 to 1 coaching ratio
  • 3 training sessions per day for 6 days
  • Mass training with high speed tow rope on Race Arena
  • Advanced training on Scarface
  • Ski Fundamentals through free skiing drills
  • Race technique and tactics in gates
  • Finish and start training
  • Timed training

The team’s new coach, Ashleigh Stewart, said the team had a couple of great training days. Everyone had fun and learned a lot! This camp really helps establish racing technique. Even though Cannonsburg opened early, the team only had one day of practice on snow. The training up at Nubs will help get the team ready for competition. On Tuesday¨ December 27¨ the team arrived at the hill at 9 AM and trained for slalom racing until 4 PMÆ Wednesday¨ the team was up at 6 AM and on the hill by 7 AM. They trained for giant slalom all day. The Rockford High School Ski Team would like to thank our corporate partners Tinney Chevrolet in Greenville and Hopyards of Kent for helping to fund our trip to ski camp. The team begins the racing season at the Norms Giant Slalom and Slalom Championship on Thursday¨ January 5 and Saturday¨ January 7th. The regular racing schedule starts Tuesday¨ January 10.