Historical Society News and Updates for March 16, 2017

By Terry Konkle – President

I was the class advisor to the Rockford High School Class of 1962. One of the members of the class was Danny Elkins. He was a fun loving kid who had a lot of spirit. Over the years I have attended many of their reunions and have corresponded with Danny by phone, mail and e-mail. Last week I received in the mail a large envelope from him. Inside were many pictures, cookbooks and other pieces of Rockford history. They were all associated with his mother Norrine. One of the pictures was a composite photo showing each member of the RHS class of 1932. In the lower left portion of the photo is Norrine Norman ((fourth from the left in the bottom row). She is a member of the Rockford Area Historical Society (RAHS) and regularly attends our monthly meetings.

Norrine is over one hundred years old. Many Rockford people will remember her as a swimming instructor during the summers at Bostwick Lake or as a cook for Rockford Schools. Some may have met her on one of her walks or on the golf course. She is also a fun loving person with a lot of spirit. Isn’t it great that she graduated in 1932, and her son did the same thing thirty years later. A copy of the 1932 class photo is part of this column.

The package also contained a photo taken of what appears to be a carnival celebration in downtown Rockford. It shows a “Standard Service” sign and people lined up to take part in some way on a miniature railroad ride. The “Standard” station was located on the east side of Main Street approximately where the parking lot for the “Rogue River Tavern” is today (2017). The building at the top of the picture is that building. It was a “Grille” at that time. Can any readers add more on what was going on?


Dan included other memorabilia which I will use as part of a future column. My thanks to him for thinking of the RAHS and sending us this valuable part of our history. Please remember to contact me with questions, comments, suggestions, concerns and corrections. Have a great week!