Congratulations to this family of fine counters!

They correctly counted the number of squirrels in March 30th’s edition of the Squirrel (how many people noticed that). The correct number of pictures of squirrels we added to the paper was seventeen.

Pictured is Archer, six months, Brogan, age 4, Cora, three years old exactly on April 10! And mom Carlye Molyneux.

Carlye said Brogan very carefully counted and outlined each squirrel in the paper. It took about an hour, but was really fun, she said. Our prize package included the five pounds of peanuts, an Easter basket and a cool bag for Brogan.

It was an interesting contest. We had a couple people enquire about the rules. Someone asked if we just count the actual photos of squirrels or if the drawings counted too. Another person asked if we count the word squirrel. Honestly, I think people were over thinking it. Anyway, thanks to all who participated and we will try to include more games in our paper. Enjoy!