Rams Rugby Continues Their Winning Streak

A powerful run by Rockford's Breckon Poll

Rockford’ Rugby team traveled to Richland, MI on April 18th to take on the Kalamazoo Bull Dogs. It was a perfect evening to cheer the Rams on to another victory.

The first half of the match got off to a bit slow start, but Breckon Poll changed that for the Rams with a powerful run through the Bull Dogs for the try. Sam Corey completed the conversion kick totaling the score at 7-0. The Rams held strong, but the Bull Dogs pulled off an interception for their first try of the match. The conversion kick was unsuccessful ending the half with a score of 7-5.

The second half was a bit more exciting for the Rams with multiple scores. Bretton Eardley used his ability to put the ball down in the try zone for 5 points (12-5). Parker Anderson continued the battle for a win with another try followed by one more conversion by Corey (19-5).

Isaiah Villerius put on a dominating performance scoring two try’s each followed by a conversion kick by Corey and one by sophomore Jake Gent. The Bull Dogs scored a try and conversion kick ending the game with a win for the Rams 33-12.

“Sophomore’s Schuyler Norton and Jake Gent stepped up and making a nice defensive stop early in the game that seemed to set the defensive tone for the game,” said Coach Dauser

Captain Brandon Schwandt was designated as the Man of the Match for the Rams. “Schwandt and was critical in helping set up our backline attack, which dominated the second half of action with crisp ball movement, backs coming from depth and at pace, moving the ball side to side across the field  to find the overload which allowed for easy try scores by several players. Also, in rugby we can advance the ball by kicking. Brandon made several key kicks to space to help advance our attack,” said Dauser.

“We have been focusing on working on our counter rucks to steal the ball. The boys were effective in the counter rucks, which did not allow Kalamazoo to have much time on the attack -offense is called attack in the game of rugby,” said Dauser.  Every time a player is tackled a ruck is formed. A ruck is formed if the ball is on the ground and one or more players, from each team close in around it. No players may use their hands. Each side attempts to push the other side off the ball – this is called rucking. Players must not handle the ball in the ruck, and must use their feet to move the ball or drive over it so that it emerges at the team’s hindmost foot, at which point it can be picked up.

Rams take on West Ottawa April 24 at West Ottawa. On May 2nd RHS takes on Grandville at Grandville. Come cheer on the Rams to continue their winning streak, and to learn more about rugby!