Cannon Township to make sewer system improvements

Project to coincide with Belding Road construction

Cannon Township continues its infrastructure improvements, which now involves Belding Road from Myers Lake to Wolverine.  The road improvement portion of the construction is under the jurisdiction of MDOT, which by contract is also installing upgrades to Cannon’s main sewer trunk.

“We understand that this will create an inconvenience for everybody this summer,” said Cannon Township Supervisor Steve Grimm.  “But in order to continue to improve our sewer infrastructure without the need to raise sewer rates or impose an assessment, we wanted to take advantage of MDOT’s road work.”

Cannon moved up the schedule on the trunk replacement to coincide with MDOT’s work.  According to Grimm, this saved Cannon residents well over one million dollars.

The Cannon Township Board is committed to improving its sewer infrastructure without raising rates or imposing a special assessment on its sewer users.  According to Grimm, the first phase of the project, which involved the north side of Silver Lake was very successful.  “Not only did we keep our word to not raise rates, we came in significantly under budget, and added to our general sewer fund, which will allow us to pay cash for future phases of the project,” Grimm said.  Cannon’s fiscal management has led to a bond rating of AA+, which has saved Cannon’s sewer customers thousands of dollars.

Supervisor Grimm said, “This construction is inconvenient, and some residents will be imposed upon this summer.  What is important for people to remember is that this work will improve our aging sewer system and protect our lakes.”