Bob Stegmier receives 54 Founders Award at the Izaak Walton League National Convention

Bob Stegmier, long-time member of the Dwight Lydell Chapter of the Izaak Walton League, has been awarded the 54 Founders Award. “The League’s highest award is given to a person, group, or institution judged to have made an outstanding contribution over the years to the conservation of America’s renewable natural resources.” He was presented the award at the IWLA national convention on July 27 in Sandusky, Ohio.

Upon receiving this honor Bob said, “Thanks for thinking I was worthy of this great award. Makes me feel warm all over.”

Jeff Deschamps Executive Board President, Bob Stegmier, and Executive Board Vice President. The 54 founders award is in recognition of a lifetime of contributions to natural resource conservation and the protection and restoration of America’s outdoors

Bob, 88 years young, has been active in conservation issues as a chapter member for over 60 years. He has also been involved with numerous other organizations, such as NWF, LCWM, Sierra Club, WMEAC, TU, Sportspersons International, Pine River Association, NRDC, Audubon, Michigan Wildlife Conservancy, Michigan Loon Preservation Association, GLRE Association, Freshwater Future, Citizens for Responsible Resource Management, FLOW, Environmental Defense, DU, Bat Conservation International and Anglers of the Au Sable River. In addition for over twenty years Bob was head of Gifford Lake Water Quality and Fish Committee and is currently on the board of the Rogue River Watershed Partners (RRWP).

Bob has been a frequent contributor to The Squire informing the public about conservation topics; mostly recently he wrote a detailed article about an updated Stormwater Guide for the Rogue River watershed.

Bob has received virtually every Dwight Lydell Chapter award, including IKE of the Year. He has also won prestigious IWLA awards, such as the Hall of Fame Award, The Tobin Award and National Conservation Award.

Bob has also been active in the Salmon in the Classroom project involving students from Roguewood Elementary School in Rockford. He has long championed the Save Our Streams projects in Cannon Township and worked to eradicate the invasive plant, Purple Loosestrife. He is a relentless signer of petitions, writer of letters to congress, newspapers and other conservation groups and a prolific e-mailer urging others to take action on such controversies as the Enbridge Line 5 problems.

Bob is a lifetime member of the Dwight Lydell chapter and a lifetime benefactor member of the IWLA. Only one 54 Founders Award is presented by the league each year and sometimes no award is presented. This year the award committee unanimously voted to give the award to Robert L. Stegmier, our tireless champion who embodies the mission statement of the IWLA: to conserve, restore, and promote the sustainable use and enjoyment of our natural resources, including soil, air, woods, waters, and wildlife.

Congratulations, Bob!