Rockford Varsity Dance Team prepares to wow the crowd

Rockford Varsity Dance Team at a home football game. Photo by Alex Jenkins.

Rockford Varsity Dance Team is getting ready to entertain crowds throughout the 2017 football season. The team commenced their football season at the Rockford home opener against Lowell High School where they performed a jazz routine that impressed the crowd. The dance team will perform at all varsity home football games sharing halftime with the marching band. The routines vary from traditional pom, to stylized jazz, to crowd-pleasing hip hop. No matter the style the team promises a clean, energetic, and entertaining performance. Rockford’s head coach, Amanda Carfagnini says, “This is when we show our community what we have to offer this year, which is equally important to competing in my eyes. We work hard to ensure that each routine we perform is original, creative, and most importantly fun to watch”. Football season is undeniably the dancer’s favorite part of the season. The team gets to showcase a different side of their dancing where technique is not necessarily at the forefront but energy and crowd appeal is the priority.

Be sure to stick around during halftime of the Rockford home football games on September 22nd, and October 20th to enjoy the Rockford Varsity Dance Team. You can also watch all videos and stay up to date on all dance team news by following us on Facebook!