Rockford Area Historical Society News and Updates for 10/19/2017

September was “Museum Month” in Rockford with the Rockford Area Historical Society (RAHS) using that time to raise money to help finance our projects. As readers know, the museum (RAM) exists because of the efforts of our group as most of our budget goes to cover RAM expenses. During September three fundraising ideas were tried. In our newsletter, we asked members to consider making a donation and several faithful helped us out. Then, in cooperation with the Rockford Chamber, they used their newsletter to ask merchants to help us. Again, several took part and their efforts helped. Our third venture was the annual “Grandma’s Attic” sale which also was successful. Now, fundraising is in the form of a raffle. As readers know we are selling tickets for $10.00 each or three for $25.00. Three equal prizes of $250.00 Meijer gift cards will be awarded in a drawing on December 1, 2017 at the Christmas Lighting event. See members or stop in at the Ram to purchase tickets. I also have them for sale, so call (616-866-0530) or contact me by e-mail ( and I will see that tickets get to you. Your support is needed and appreciated!

Two readers, Lee Paull and Carole Holden Christensen, contacted me with answers to the last “Nugget of Rockford History” question. Here are the correct answers: (1) True – Hessler and Langridge Drugs were located in the same part of the Opera House, (2) True – Otto was the son of G.A. Krause, (3) False – Edna Haner was not our first mayor, (4) False – The Community Cabin is not in Rotary Park, (5) True – Hirth-Krause did use an Indian as a trademark, (6) True – Many Rockford residents were alerted by a Wolverine “steam whistle”, (7) False – Girls Basketball was a school sport for several years starting with 1911-12 school year and (8) False – Many, not only Wolverine, used the dumpsite on Twelve Mile just west of the railroad tracks. Thank you Lee and Carole for giving the quiz a try.

On October 11, 2017, I attended the 28th annual Rockford High School Athletic Hall of Fame banquet. Six new members (Wes Cummings, Katie Clarin, Mike Emery, Jeff Shutich, Kyle Fujimoto, Dr. Mike Shibler) were inducted that night in a very positive Rockford tradition. I decided that I would put together a new “Nugget” matching quiz using seven HOF statements. So, number from 1-7 and write the letter that goes with the given statement. No letter will be used more than once and five will not be used at all.


1. Shutich brothers

2. Dave Price

3. Community Member

4. Statue of Ram

5. Boulder Creek

6. 127

7. Tim Erickson


A. Site of HOF banquet

B. One category of membership

C. Award given only to HOF athletes

D. Number of current members

E. Three wrestlers who are HOF members

F. Location of HOF Showcase

G. Maximum number of inductees for a given sport

H. Started the HOF in 1990

I. All inducted in the same year

J. Award given to all inductees

Please contact me with your answers and also with questions, comments, concerns, suggestions and especially corrections. Have a great week!