Since 1989, Superintendent increases quantity and quality for Rockford Public Schools

Dr. Michael Shibler

Dr. Shibler’s annual review shines

The Rockford Board of Education issued the following summary of Superintendent Dr. Shibler’s performance evaluation, conducted on Monday, October 23, 2017.

Dr. Shibler’s extensive leadership skills have been recognized as one of his strengths in previous reviews and once again in this review period. He is recognized as an outstanding superintendent setting high expectations for his own accomplishments as well as those of our students and staff. His focus on strategic planning has continued to build the District’s tradition of excellence. This evaluation period saw the completion of RAMS IX strategic plan and the creation of RAMS X.

Dr. Shibler is an effective communicator and results oriented. His leadership is founded on the belief and understanding that Rockford Public Schools needs to focus on continuous improvement. His approach garners a culture of respect and is evident in his relationship with the Board of Education, staff, students, parents and his administration. This is the foundation for the safe environment for all students and staff that our district enjoys and expects.

Dr. Shibler is focused on forming collaborative relationships with the greater Rockford community as well as other educational entities. His leadership with other superintendents in the Kent Intermediate School District has been demonstrated several times during this review period. His position in a leadership role to move a KISD enhancement millage forward is one example and will benefit our district. His efforts to organize parents, educators and the community as a whole are heard in Lansing and are instrumental in influencing legislators’ recent votes in key education and tax matters. Dr. Shibler’s impact in Rockford and Kent County lead and influence others far beyond our district.

This year Dr. Shibler was honored by being inducted into the Rockford Athletic Hall of Fame for having led the District to well over fifty state championships in athletics since he became Superintendent in 1989. The District’s success is not confined to athletics. In addition to the District’s success in athletics, other co-curricular offerings have increased in quantity and quality during his tenure. Rockford Public Schools has enjoyed similar success in academics and the fine arts.

Dr. Shibler is highly effective in the important criteria of instructional leadership. The Rockford Public Schools staff under Dr. Shibler’s guidance has proven continuous school improvement to our community. A stream of evidence is found in our year over year graduation rates, growth in the number of students earning college credits, and increased opportunities for our student experiences in our district.

The personal qualities that make Dr. Shibler a dedicated, caring, character driven person are the result of his courage, integrity and honesty. The Board of Education is proud to have Dr. Shibler represent the school district. His sense of priority and focus on Rockford Public Schools’ vision is demonstrated regularly. His leadership of the District has been exemplary.

The Board of Education unanimously supports the extension of Dr. Shibler’s contract through December 30, 2022. At its regular meeting held on Monday, October 23, 2017, motion was made by Miles Postema, supported by Nick Reichenbach, to extend Dr. Shibler’s contract through December 30, 2022. Motion carried unanimously.