Tax Attic: The chase for clean water

If you like baseball, the second best time of the year is beginning this week with the start of the World Series. The best time of the year? The beginning of spring training and opening day. With baseball, hope springs eternal. At spring training and on opening day, your team is going to make it to the World Series with a chance to win the Holy Grail, a World Championship. Every spring training and opening day, all of us get another chance no matter which team we root for. I’m a Detroit Tigers fan, of course. Most years it doesn’t take long for me to realize that there will be no Holy Grail this year. Unfortunately, this year was one of those years. However, the dream lives on for the fans of the American League Champion Houston Astros and the National League Champion Los Angeles Dodgers. The Astros are one of those feel good stories, similar to the Chicago Cubs of last year. While the Cubs had not won a World Series in a century, the Astros have never won a World Series. How can you not root for a team that has never won against a team like the Dodgers that has been to the series many times and owns several world championships? It’s good for baseball in general when some of the perpetual non-winners step up their game and get a chance to play for a championship. I also have some further rooting logic in that I generally lean toward the American League participants because Detroit plays in the American League. That’s a toss-up, however, because from time to time the New York Yankees play in the World Series. I am not a New York Yankees fan. When they play for the championship, I see if there is any way I can legitimately root for the National League participant. I usually find a way to make that happen. This year, Houston beat the Yankees last week and is the American League representative now even though for most of the team’s existence, they were in the National League. Another tie to Houston is they now have ex-Tiger and future Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher, Justin Verlander, playing for them. I hated to see him leave Detroit but now I can really feel good about rooting for Houston. I’m hoping for a long series with the Astros winning in the end. Go Astros!


Another Holy Grail chase is currently going on in the Rockford area. This particular chase is for clean, non-PFAS infected water. The meetings have been many. The actual and potential dumpsites are large and small and many. The M-live articles have been large and small and many. Many are the media people covering the chase. Many, many are the individuals potentially and really affected by the chase. Many are the voices of reason during this chase, including notably Rockford Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Michael Shibler. Attorney firms getting involved have not reached the “many” stage but I wasn’t able to check that number after last Sunday. Not too many things are “for sure” as of this moment. However, for those of us who receive our water through the City of Rockford’s Municipal Water System, we have recently received the laboratory test results that our water tests for PFAS at 0.00 parts per trillion. Our current water supply, as of today, qualifies the City of Rockford as obtaining the Holy Grail. My thanks goes to all of the then City Council members, including among others, my friends Neil Blakeslee and Mary Eadie, and then City Manager Michael Young for having the foresight to move our municipal supply to an aquifer, back in 2000, on the east side of town. Many are the ways this whole PFAS situation could turn out because of the tremendous number of variables involved but we all hope for the best for those area residents potentially affected by the PFAS infected water. By all accounts, WWW has a history of being a responsible and good corporate citizen. I’m sure they will continue to be that responsible and good corporate citizen. This is Jerry Coon signing off.


Jerry Coon is an Enrolled Agent.

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